Family prosperity

Our program is accessible to everyone regardless of financial position. We’re here to help guide and support you to the next level.

Comprehensive rewards for every step from part time to full time careers, and beyond. TS-Life™ show you how with no experience necessary only commitment.


TS-Life designed and constructed an Industry Leading Plan that rewards according to efforts and leadership. This, with our Duplication System and Unique Product Strategy are the three cornerstones to the Golden Triangle of Success.

Using this system from day one in business you have every advantage. Every step along your journey you’ll be given training tailored and suited to you. In business for yourself but never by yourself. The Golden Triangle cornerstones are unique to TS-Life to help you win.

enhancing families and lives

TS-Life has an ethos built around enhancing families and lives around the world. Background and social factors are not important to us, we maintain that everyone is included in our vision. The key to success is making that first step, and we are here to assist each and every one of our community reach their desired goals and make a difference. To join us in our Global mission you will need to find a suitable sponsor. Someone that has already joined us at TS-Life.

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